Political Stories You Might have Missed – Week ending 6/12

June 13, 2009

Several interesting things happened this week in the world of politics.  Here are some of the stories that you want to make sure you didn’t miss:

Krugman Blames Conservatives for Murders - Paul Krugman explains why conservatives are responsible for several recent murders.  He doesn’t seem to blame himself of the left for other recent events, but then again, he often refuses to make any sense.

Reading Rights to Terrorists?- I was shocked to see earlier this week that a congressman visiting Afghanistan witnessed captured terrorists being read their Miranda rights.  This seems to be a return to the days of treating terrorists and foreign fighters as criminals rather than military targets.  An argument could also be made that since they don’t wear uniforms or fight under a flag, they are spies.  Don’t we shoot spies?

IRS Considers Taxing Your Cell Phone- Many employees have employer provide cell phones.  The IRS would like to consider 25% of your cell phone a benefit similar to income for tax purposes.  This would mean that if your company pays $40 per month for your cell phone, the IRS believes that you just made $10 in income.

Stimulus Fails to Slow Unemployment - We were told that we had to have a stimulus “NOW” or risk economic ruin.  President Obama indicated that without the stimulus, unemployment could soar over 8%.  Well we have the stimulus and we have unemployment over 9%.

White House Appoints Pay Czar- The administration believes that everyone should be equal.  However, they don’t necessarily believe in rising people up, but rather taking aim at people at the top.  We are now seeing the first steps toward government mandated pay scales for everyone.

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