Global Warming and Truth in Advertising

June 20, 2009

Congress continues to work on climate change legislation despite evidence contrary to the global warming hoax.  We are told that we need to act now before we have a disaster of global proportions.  Al Gore shows movies of the east and west costs completely underwater.  Yet, the data and observations are contrary to those dire predictions.

A great post by Paul Driessen over at Townhall likens the global warming disinformation to a corporate scandal.  If a drug company doctored evidence and skewed the results of studies, people would go to jail.  Yet we constantly see the reports from scientists who ignore contrary data and discount or go around peer reviews.

Our friends in the media continue to push this agenda and our children are taught that they and their parents are responsible for global warming.

Thousands of scientists say CO2 has little effect on planetary temperatures, and there is no climate crisis. Few developed countries are ready to commit economic suicide by agreeing to reduce their CO2 emissions by even one-tenth of what Waxman-Markey demands for the United States.

President Obama and the democrat party run congress are in favor of cap and trade legislation that will result in a massive energy tax for the American people.  They present it as a tax on those companies that produce earth warming CO2 without telling the people that consumers will pay the taxes and not the evil polluting companies.

If you ask the average American they would tell you that the earth is getting hotter.  However, over the last decade global average temperatures have been declining.  In fact, we are currently below the average temperature for the past 4,500 years.  Most global warming alarmists point out that we are hotter than 300 years ago ignoring the fact that 300 years ago was the low point of the little ice age that saw the coolest temperatures in over a thousand years.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t find ways to reduce pollution and be kind to the planet.  When I am in the market for a car, I would love to find an SUV or large vehicle that gets more than 30 mpg.  One day, we will get off of fossil fuels, but it doesn’t need to happen next week.  

We do not need to wreak our economy by shackling the American people with a massive energy tax to fund one of the political elites pet projects.

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