Defeat Cap and Trade in the Senate? Yes We Can!

June 29, 2009

On Friday, the house passed the massive cap and trade climate bill which in effect will force new taxes on the American people.  This bill narrowly passed the house on a vote of 219 to 214.  Backers call this a bipartisan effort in that 8 republicans in the house voted for the bill.  Those reports fail to mention the 44 democrats that voted against the bill (even though some of them voted against the bill because they didn’t think it went far enough). has a list of which representatives voted against their party.

However, there is hope that this massive tax increase will be defeated in the senate.  Jay Cost at did a great job of of analyzing which senators are under pressure to defeat the bill.  According to the analysis, there are 15 senate democrats that will be under pressure to vote against the bill as their state voted against it in the house.

The key here is that if your senator is listed as being under moderate or significant pressure to vote against the bill, you need to call or email them now to let them know you do not support this tax increase to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist.  You can find the phone numbers and email addresses of your senators here.  If you lack the courage to call, it is very easy to email your senators.  Contact them now and let them know what you think.

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6 Responses to Defeat Cap and Trade in the Senate? Yes We Can!

  1. [...] is a great post that gives information on how you can help stop this bill from passing the senate.  Please take the time to contact your senator and tell them that you are against this [...]

  2. John on July 2, 2009 at 5:27 am

    My Republican Congressman says Cap and Trade will be good for America.

    And, he caught the Green River Killer.

    Did you catch the Green River Killer?

    No, no you didn’t.

    You can hear his interview here.

    Dave Reichert SPEAKS: says Cap and Trade will be good for America

    He argued that the expense would not be what the Heartland Institute, Heritage Foundation, and Wall Street Journal were predicting. He argued that it would cost around $.48 per day and that we would have better national security, more nuclear, coal and refining capabilities, and a cleaner environment with the bill. He argued that the conservative arguments against were mistaken, and that Washington specifically would be better off even though the bill was imperfect.

    And, he caught the Green River Killer.

    Yeah, it took him a couple of decades, but better late than never.

    I hear Fox was thinking about making the Series 24 about Reichert. But instead of showing 24 hours in a day they would have to make each episode a year.

  3. admin on July 2, 2009 at 8:50 am

    I’ve seen estimates that the bill would end up pushing electric bills up by 90%. Even the president has said in interviews that cap and trade would make energy bills skyrocket.

    I doubt your congressman even read the entire bill.

  4. Steven E. Davis on July 7, 2009 at 12:59 am

    Any business operator looking at potential passage of this legislation will have to immediately move to export facilities, outsource staff, downsize or even just simply fire everyone and shut the doors to the company. I know many business owners personally antd they all are unanimously telling me this is what they will do. There will be simply no reason to operate in the USA any more under this onerous set of regulations and massive taxes. This bill is about taxation and greater government control of every aspect of your life. It is a global economy, and business will simply go elsewhere–and who could blame them?!
    Not to mention that the entire premise of the legislation is utterly false. It will not, in any way affect climate change, which is a natural process that has existed for millions of years before the advent of Man and will continue long after the human species is gone. And yes, I am an environmental scientist, with multiple degrees in geology and climatology. Unemployment will be staggering if this legislation passes.
    I’m afraid that the American People have voted (for Obama), and now they must be punished…

  5. [...] in the year, it seemed possible that cap and trade would be stopped in the Senate, but it now seems that the “hurry up and rush through” tactic is backfiring and may [...]

  6. Tea Party on April 11, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Hey, I love all your posts, keep them coming.

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