The Stimulus is a Great Success!

July 11, 2009

In his weekly radio address, President Obama touted the vast success of the stimulus package and that it is working exactly as intended.

This seems somewhat contrary to the pitch we received earlier this year.  Earlier this year, the President said that we had to pass the stimulus NOW or else the economy would slide into a depression and unemployment spike.  We were told that passing the stimulus would mean the unemployment would stay at or below 8%.

Since the passing of the stimulus, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost every month and unemployment has reach 9.5%, the highest it has been in over 25 years.

Obama’s economic council argued that a failure to pass Porkulus would drive unemployment to 8.8% in the near term.  Passing Porkulus would keep it at 8% or below this year

We were told that the money would go to “shovel ready” projects, that would jump start the economy.  However, it seems that most of the money has gone to relieve some of the gaps in state budgets.

According to a post at Hotair, had the congress told the American people that the stimulus was merely a 50 state bailout, it would have never passed.

The President is now saying that the stimulus was designed to work over 2 years and that the impacts were not meant to be seen immediately.   This is different than what we heard earlier this year.

The President also says that many critics are judging the stimulus a failure without offering any alternative plans.  However, there were several alternative plans offered up in the house and senate that were blocked from reaching a vote.  It seems that the leadership in congress did not want to discuss bills that cut taxes and spending in 2009.

Part of the issue that our government has with just cutting our taxes to stimulate the economy is that they don’t believe that we will spend our money as wisely as they can.  It seems that us common everyday folks don’t understand the need for turtle tunnels and marijuana research and given the choice wouldn’t spend our own money on such important things.

This is just another example of our out of touch government doing everything possible to hold on to the power they have grabbed over the last several decades.

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