ABC and NBC Show Their Bias Proudly

August 28, 2009

Television stations make money by selling advertising time to companies.  So it would seem obvious that ABC and NBC would air an ad that is critical to the current health care bill.

However, ABC is refusing to air an ad nationally that is critical of the current health care bill.  Spokespeople for ABC have refered to ABC’s policy of not showing ads the “present a partisan position on a controversial public issue”.  Of course, they don’t see a problem with airing a one hour presidential infomercial on the health care plan or devoting an entire day of programming to pushing the democrat’s health care agenda.

NBC indicated that they would air the commercial once some of the factual claims can be substantiated.  There doesn’t seem to be anything inaccurate in the ad.

You can view the ad here at  See if you can find anything that is inaccurate or at least not as inaccurate as some of the pro-health care bill ads you have seen on ABC and NBC.

We are coming to a point that the national media is openly refusing to allow advertising that presents views contrary to their own political agenda.  This type of media bias is only a few steps away from censorship.  It is hard to believe that the American media is openely trying to silence views opposed to the government.

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