HR 3200 Will Cover Illegal Immigrants

August 28, 2009

The White House has been keen to try and stamp out any myths out there about the health care reform bill.  However, the Congressional Research Service just recently busted the myth that HR 3200 will NOT cover Illegal Immigrants.

In several town halls throughout the country, Democrat congressmen are pushing the myth that Illegal Immigrants will not be covered.  They point to a section of the bill that specifically prohibits the awarding of affordability credits to illegal immigrants. 

CRS also notes that “undocumented aliens” who have a “substantial presence” in the US would be required to buy health insurance (page 4) through the exchanges in HR3200.

However, as the CRS points out, the bill does nothing to require anybody to prove that they are a U.S. citizen before enrolling in the public option.  In fact, the CRS indicates that the bill requires Illegal Immigrants to enroll in the health insurance exchanges if they have a substantial presence in the U.S.

You can read the report here.  As more and more Americans get a chance to view and understand the bill, it becomes more and more obvious why the Obama administration and the Democrat controlled congress wanted to vote and pass the bill before it could face any scrutiny.

As Americans, we need to demand that our representatives take the time to read the bills they are voting on and allow the American people to view bills.  Even if they are for the idea of the bill, they and we need to understand how that idea will be implemented.

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