The Media Puts the Smackdown on Obama

October 23, 2009
graphic courtesy HA reader Landshark

graphic courtesy HA reader Landshark

The Obama administration has spent much of the last several weeks showing how thin skinned they can be by refusing to have administration officials participate in interviews with Fox news.

It is hard to argue that Fox news doesn’t lean right in its commentary and in its news.  However, one couldn’t also argue that the other news networks don’t lean left in their coverage.

Because the Obama administration doesn’t like what commentators like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck have to say, the Administration has started an all out attack on Fox News.  Today, they took it up a notch by attempting to bar Fox from a White House media pool interview.

Today, the Obama administration tried to make the “pay czar” available to all of the networks in the White House media pool except Fox News.  The administration was attempting to isolate Fox by further denying them access that the rest of the media enjoys. 

However, the other networks fought back against the Obama administration’s thinly veiled attempt at censorship by refusing to interview Kenneth Feinberg unless all of the networks in the pool had access.  It seems that the other networks believe that Fox is a news network and realize that the administration could bar anybody if they were successful in their attempt to tighten down on the First Amendment.

If the Obama Administration were successful, then the next time a reporter from another network asked a question or filed a story that the Obama administration didn’t like, they could be barred as well.

We should all be glad that our constitution continues to hold up in the face of tyranny.

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