3 Billion Reasons to Distrust House Health Care Reform Bill

November 3, 2009

Last week, Nancy Pelosi unveiled the nearly 2000 page new version of the the House Health Care Reform Bill.  Pelosi pointed out that her version of the health care reform bill was under the $900 billion price tag that President Obama put on the plan.

Pelosi indicated that the bill would cost just under $894 billion, which is close to the cost of the Senate’s version of the bill.

However, the CBO estimated that the bill would cost just over $1 trillion, that is 1,000,000,000,000 to you and me.  Several Democrat officials indicated that the total cost of the bill would be just over $1.2 trillion or $300 billion more than Pelosi’s estimates.

In the Senate, the bill was kept under $900 billion by employing several accounting trickssuch as delaying costs for the first few years and moving almost $300 billion in spending to a separate bill (the total of the two would be $1.2 trillion, but you aren’t supposed to notice that).  It is unclear at this time if the Pelosi bill includes that $300 billion or not.  Having it included would push the cost of the bill to over $1.5 trillion.

According to house Republicans, Pelosi’s bill would also create over 100 new federal bureaucracies.  Among the new departments set up would be the Health Insurance Exchange; the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation; the Public Health Investment Fund; the Public Health Workforce Corps; an Assistant Secretary for Health Information; the Food and Drug Administration Office of Women’s Health; grant programs for alternative medical liability laws, and infant mortality programs.

Not surprisingly, the media isn’t calling out Pelosi on her attempt to pull one over the American people by misstating the cost of her bill by over $300 billion.  Hopefully, moderate Democrats will refuse to support this costly behemoth of a health care reform bill.

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