Poll: Voters Reject Obamacare Bill

November 23, 2009

A new poll shows that as voters understand the detail of Obama health care plan the support for the Obamacare bill begins to erode.  This would help explain why the Democrat leadership is pushing for votes on the Obamacare bill before the Obamacare details are fully understood by the people.

According to a Rasmussen poll, 38% of voters support the Obamacare bill and 56% of voters oppose the bill.  This is an all time low for the Obamacare bill.  This explains why the House and Senate leadership are pushing for votes before voters understand the detail of the Obama health care plan.

Predictably, Republicans oppose the bill 83% to 13%.  Even more notable is that independents oppose the bill 70% to 23%.  People describing themselves as moderates also oppose the Obamacare bill 55% to 39%.

With so many people opposed to the Obamacare bill, it is hard to understand why the Democrat leadership is pushing so hard to pass the Obamacare bill.  Many are willing to potentially lose their jobs to give the government more control over our lives.

The Obamacare details also give Democrats more power to raise taxes and create more give aways.  The Democrats know that passing the Obamacare bill further opens the door to further eroding our freedom and increases dependence on the federal government.

There are many people in America who are in favor of some kind of healthcare reform.  However, as Obamacare details leak out, more and more Americans reject the Obamacare bill.

Let us all hope that enough of us can raise our voices to the point where our government feels compelled to listen to us and reject the Obamacare bill.

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