House Democrats Upset with Senate Bill

December 24, 2009

After several weeks of wrangling , kickbacks, and out and out bribes, the Senate passed their version of Obamacare by a 60 to 39 vote along party lines.

However, this doesn’t mean the bill is headed directly to the President’s desk.

The Senate health care bill has to be reconciled with the House health care bill that was passed in the House several months ago.  Several House Dems are upset with the lack of a “public option” in the Senate health care bill version and are vowing to vote against any bill that doesn’t include a public option.

According to a post at, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) is upset that the Senate health care bill forces people to purchase health insurance, as does the House health care bill, but the Senate health care bill doesn’t provide a government run health insurance option.  House Democrats see this as a give away to insurance companies as it will add roughly 30 million new customers.  The far left leaning Dems in the House do not want any part of helping private insurance companies.

The conference commitee will pick up the bills in January and will begin the process of reconciling the differances in the two bills.  It remains to be seen if the final bill will be better or worse that the two current versions.  Conservative Patriot HQ believe the final bill will be much worse than either one of the two bills can be separately.

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