SEIU Warns Obama: Pass Obamacare or Else

January 23, 2010

With the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, Obama and House and Senate Democrats are wondering how they can pass any version of Obamacare.  Lacking the 60 votes (bought or otherwise) in the Senate leaves Democrats a few very unpopular options such as pretending that Obamacare is a budget bill or having the unpopular Senate version of Obamacare pass in the house without changes.

Earlier this week, the head of the SEIU warned the President and Democrats that they must pass Obamacare or SEIU would be forced to not focus on getting Democrats elected in November.

The head of the SEIU is upset about reports that Democrats are considering pursuing a new bill that addresses the healthcare issues that both Democrats and Republicans agree on.  A compromise Obamacare bill could get pushed though that addresses life time caps, pre-existing conditions, and portability without costing trillions of dollars and creating a massive new government buracracy.

SEIU’s president, Andy Stern, warned that Democrats must pass the Senate version of the bill or SEIU members may be forced to focus on local candidates in the November mid-term elections rather that push for national candidates.

It will be interesting to see if the President and Congressional Democrats fear special interests groups more than the American people.

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