Four Smart Health Care Reform Steps Democrats Won’t Consider

January 31, 2010

In the recent SOTU address, the President told opponents to the Democrat health care reform plans to come up with better ideas and he will consider them.  The problem is that congressional Democrats have been crafting the health care reform bills in secret and behind closed doors.  They have forgotten that bipartisanship means working together to include the best of all ideas and not just getting the “other side” to accept your ideas.

The problem is that most Americans agree that some steps need to be taken for health care reform, but do not agree with Democrat healthcare reform bill.  The American people basically all want 5 things:

  • Lower health insurance premiums
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • More choices
  • Coverage for existing issues
  • No life time caps or being dropped when serious illnesses occur

The problem is that the current versions of the healthcare reform bills either ignore some of these things or enact trillions in new spending that won’t achieve the things that are the most critical to the American people.

The first thing that congress can do to lower costs is to allow people to buy insurance across state lines.  This is true competition that would force companies to offer the best mix of coverage and prices.  It would also increase the risk pools allowing for lower premiums.

Second, Congress can allow people to form groups to purchase insurance the same way that corporations and unions can.  Large groups can negotiate better coverage and prices.

Third, Congress can end junk law suits that lead to unnecessary tests and defensive medicine.  Doctors often are forced to take steps to cover themselves by ordering procedures and tests that aren’t necessary to cover themselves from lawsuits.  This would also lower malpractice premiums which would lead doctors to lower prices.

Fourth, congress can end the practice of life time caps, dropping the sick, and not covering pre-existing conditions.

All of these steps would cost the American tax payers nothing and achieve many of the goals of health care reform.  These steps can be accomplished without raising taxes, creating hundreds of new departments and commissions, or giving favors to large donors and special interest groups.

These common sense steps would allow for drastic improvements to the American health care system without adding to the deficit and creating new large government bureaucracies and controls.

These steps are all contained in a draft bill proposed by house and Senate Republicans.  The question is, will the Democrat controlled congress and the President listen to these ideas and include them in health care reform?

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2 Responses to Four Smart Health Care Reform Steps Democrats Won’t Consider

  1. Sue Cartwright on April 7, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    Good article here, you are better than most, I figure you will get read more if you act like you are on one side more than another. The problem is both group need to act like Americans and get something done. Neither group is right or wrong.

  2. Steve Mustanski on April 7, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    Thanks for the complement.

    My goal was to show that there were several first steps that could be taken to make some progress. There would be some arguments about the exact details, but steps could be taken that the majority of Americans can agree with and would not create billons of dollars of new spending.

    However, those steps don’t give the government more and more control of our lives and create new taxes. So what we ended up with was a bill crafted by one party that barely 40% of the country supported.

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