Reid:Health Care Reform Through Reconciliation

February 20, 2010

Senate majority leader Harry Reid has indicated that Congressional Democrats will use reconciliation to pass health care reform.  With the Democrat’s version of health care reform supported by less than 40% of Americans, it is no wonder that barely 20% of Americans approve of the job that congress is doing.

Reconciliation is a process that was set up to allow versions of a House and Senate budget bill to be made into one by making the numbers equal.  However, the Democrats are now threatening to use reconciliation to force health care reform through congress and down the throats of the American people.

According to Senator Reid, the Democrats would use reconciliation to make small changes to the existing Senate bill to make it more palatable to key Democrat Senators and members of the house.

Since losing their 60 seat filibuster proof Senate, the Democrats have been scrambling to find a way to pass their unpopular version of health care reform.  It would appear that they are willing to use one of the least popular with the American people to do it.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the “open” health care reform summit held by Democrats later this week is setting the stage for the use of reconciliation.  The claim is that the Democrats will show up with their version of health care reform, listen to and then reject a few ideas from Republicans, and then claim they have no other option but reconciliation to get health care reform through congress.

It now appears that the President and the Democrat leadership is willing to go it alone for health care reform.  However, using reconciliation to pass health care reform does not just pit Democrats against the Republicans, it pits them against the will of the American people.

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