Democrats Now Love Bush Patriot Act

February 26, 2010

Democrats, the ACLU, and thousands of protesters howled about George Bush stealing our freedoms and stomping on the Constitution whenever the Patriot Act came up for renewal.  Apparently the opposition to the Patriot Act diminishes when the Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House.

Earlier this week, both the House and Senate quietly approved the Patriot Act without any fireworks, long drawn out speeches, or angry protests.

The House passed the Patriot Act extension 315 to 97 without even a blip on the radar of the main stream media.

As with many issues over the last 8 years, it seems that the Left used faked outrage to attack President Bush with anything they could find that was the least bit controversial.  It didn’t matter if the issue was worthy of criticism or not.

As HotAir points out, Republicans have supported the Patriot Act all along while the left used it to damage George Bush.  Now that the Democrats are in charge of preventing terrorist attacks, the Patriot Act looks a lot better.  At least 97 liberals in the house voted with some integrity even if they are wrong about the Patriot Act.

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