You Cut Federal Budget Results

May 18, 2010

Last week Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) announced the start of the You Cut Federal Budget program.  The idea behind the you cut budget program is that voters can vote on items presented each week to cut  from the federal budget.  As we reported last week, Youcut is a program put forth by House republicans to help curb federal spending, reduce the budget deficit, and potentially reduce the national debt.  The program is designed to allow Americans to vote for federal budget items that they would support cutting from the federal budget.

This week, the results are in and can be found at the You Cut Budget site.

The first winning budget cut is to remove $2.5 billion from the federal budget in the New Non-Reformed Welfare Program. 

According to the You Cut site, “The program was recently created to incentivize states to increase their welfare caseloads without requiring able-bodied adults to work, get job training, or otherwise prepare to move off of taxpayer assistance. Reforming the welfare program was one of the great achievements of the mid 1990s, saving taxpayers billions of dollars and ending the cycle of dependency on welfare. This new program, created in 2009 is a backdoor way to undo those reforms. The program currently costs approximately $2.5 billion a year. (Also proposed as part of the RSC Sunset Caucus.)”

Later this week, house Republicans will attempt to bring this up for a vote.  As voters, we need to pay attention to who pushes to keep this spending in the budget and who votes to remove it.  Although this is only a tiny cut to spending, perhaps it will lead to further cuts of  wasteful spending from the federal budget.

Update 4/9/2011: Follow this link to find all of the You Cut Federal Budget Results.

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4 Responses to You Cut Federal Budget Results

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  2. Alex Eraybar on May 21, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    If we are able to make suggestions to cut budget I would like to make following:

    • Since we can effectively make our voice heard by government, we do not need as many Congressmen. This job was only part time job start with! We can cut their numbers by 50%. Can you imagine how much money we can save from over paid salaries and ridicules benefits that they get?
    • Congress did bad job, economy in horrible shape. High unemployment and high inflation. Increase foreign dept (mainly to China). Congress should take substantial pay cut! I suggest 25% cut.
    • We should stop providing airplanes to Congressional members. President should not be using Air force #1 for campaign purpose, which Obama did it since day one. Between Speaker of the House they created a lot of CO2, which they should be countable for it.
    • We can not survive with only 51% of paying taxes. Huge 49% of our population is not paying income taxes. We are paying unreasonably high taxes.
    o It does not make sense to pay generous unemployment for a year or more for a healthy and capable person. We should have public works for these folks. We destroyed the human dignity of these people.
    o School boards keep on approving poorly written text books, implementing nonsense teacher training programs that are not prepared by qualified people. Also implementing student testing programs that costing millions of dollars which are not written by proper, qualified people which they never been in teaching positions.
    o Income tax should eliminated, flat tax with sales tax should be implemented. We can save millions of dollars. We are generating nightmare, we are destroying acres and acres of forests which they clean our atmosphere from CO2.
    • We should get out of IMF, we are Paying 18% of the budget; China, England and Russia pays 0nly 4 or 5 %. We can not effort to carry whole world on our back.
    • We do not need to build enormous fence at our borders; all we have to implement very stiff fines to those employers that hiring illegal immigrants. This fines will help to recover some of the expense incurred.

  3. Steve Mustanski on May 21, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    Those are some good ideas. I don’t think we need to cut the number of representatives as much as limit their pay. Regular members make $174k, party leadership $193,400, and Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house makes $223,500. (Ever wonder why Obama picks above 250k as the bad number?) Let’s say 3 times the median US salary might be fair, which is 39k to equal 117k. Leadership could be at a 20% premium or $140k. We could also impose penalties like budget deficit = 20% pay cut. A penalty for the top 20 pork spending of – 10% would also cause a race to the bottom on pork. Term limits would also be a must.

    I’ve always been for the elimination of the income and payroll taxes. A flat tax is ok, but I prefer a consumption or sales tax. Let them try to raise those taxes and get reelected.

  4. james sindar on February 15, 2011 at 12:55 pm


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