Richard Blumenthal Lied About Vietnam

May 22, 2010

Connecticut AG and Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal is making news recently when it was reported he lied about Vietnam service as a Marine.  There are several reports and videos showing Blumenthal speaking about “returning from Vietnam”, “I served in Vietnam”, “wore the uniform in Vietnam”.  This issue is that he never left the United States while in the Marines let alone fought in Vietnam.

A recent artical about Blumenthal’s lies in the NYT documented his various claims of service.  Despite all of his claims of serving in Vietnam, he actual received 5 deferments and took several steps to avoid serving in Vietnam.  In fact, Blumenthal’s Marine unit performed local projects during the war, such as a Toys for Tots drive in Washington.

In a recent press conference, Blumenthal indicated that he merely misspoke a few times.  Although it would be possible to overlook somebody forgetting the details of service over 30 years ago, in 2008 Blumenthal told a group that  “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam.”   He did not get the dates incorrect, he did not get a detail about a battle wrong, and he did not merely misspeak.  He said that he “…served in Vietnam”.

The NYT has seemed to reverse course on Blumenthal as they have recently ran an article defending all the great things that Blumenthal has done for Veteran’s groups.  Although his work should be commended, it doesn’t make up the for the lies that he told about his service for political gain.

Prior to this week, Blumenthal enjoyed a 20 plus percentage point lead over all challengers for the open Senate seat in Connecticut.  A recent Rasmussen poll of voters puts his lead at only +3% over his strongest challenger.

Let us all hope that the voters in Connecticut will not choose a liar like Blumenthal to server in the Senate in November.

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