Confirmed: Obama Is Not a Keynesian, He Was Born In America

November 2, 2010

Obviously, the crowd at the John Stewart Rally for Sanity is much more smarter than the racist, moronic, angry, tea baggers.  Several attendees at the Rally for Sanity were quick to point out that Obama is not a Keynesian as he was obviously born in America and has proved it over and over again.

Ben Smith from Second City walked around the Rally for Sanity on Saturday with a sign that read “Obama = Keynesian?”.  You can see the video of these well informed people attending the Rally for Sanity on several blogs this morning taking issue with the question of “Obama = Keynesian?”

The best part of the video is 40 seconds in where a frustrated woman exclaims “…what proof do you want?  He was born in Hawaii”.  The logic seems to be that if Obama was born in America, by definition, Obama is not a Keynesian.

Thankfully, some people seemed to at least know and understand the question about Obama being Keynesian versus Obama being Kenyan although they did not seem so sure the Keynesian theory.

For those of you that may have traveled to the Rally for Sanity on the HuffPo bus,  Keynesian economic theory is based on ideas put forth by 20th century British economist John Maynard Keynes.  Keynesian theory advocates a large role for the government in charting the course of the economy.  Oh, and Kenyans live in the East African country of Kenya.

Although some people believe that Obama is Kenyan as they believe he was born there, most people believe that Obama is a Keynesian based upon actual verifiable proof.

As the video shows, for every nut job at a Tea Party rally, there is at least an equal amount of nut jobs supporting “the other side”.

Oh, and if you didn’t catch the pun in the first sentence, don’t forget to go out and vote on November 3rd.

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