Obama Approval Rating Below 40%

November 23, 2010

A recent Zogby poll of 2,032 likely voters has the Obama approval rating below 40% for the first time of the Obama presidency.  This new low follows the defeat of the Democrats in the November mid-term elections where the republicans gained several seats in the Senate and gained control of the House with a record number of gains.

The Zogby poll of the Obama approval rating continues to show a decline of support for the President’s agenda.  As recently as October, Zogby had the Obama approval rating at 49%.  The poll indicates that the Obama approval rating is 6% among Republicans and un-changed among Independents at 39% when compared to a poll conducted earlier in November.

Perhaps more worrisome for the President is that the Obama approval rating among Democrats has slipped from 78% to 72%.

The Zogby poll of the Obama approval rating also polled several 2012 Presidential race matchups.  The poll shows President Obama losing out to Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Jeb Bush.  The poll also has President Obama barely ahead of Sarah Palin 41% to 40%.  Romney had the best showing of 44% to 38%.  Also of note, approximately 17% of those polled indicated “Neither” when presented with a list of Republicans versus Obama.

The Zogby numbers for the Obama approval rating are below the Real Clear Politics average of 46%.

The Obama approval rating is suffering as Conservatives are unhappy with Obama’s far left agenda and the Democrat far left are unhappy with Obama’s lack of progress on implementing his leftist agenda. 

During Obama’s 2008 campaign, if it indeed it ever ended, the President offered hope and change driving support among independents who expected a change in the way that Washington works.  To the left, this meant implementing an agenda that pushed America closer to state capitalism or further to outright socialism.  So far, Obama has failed to deliver either.

Obama has few options over the next 2 years.  He can either work with the Republican controlled House and deliver policies more aimed at the political center or demonize the Republican party by claiming they are stopping him from delivering on all his “hope and changey” promises.

Obama once said that he would rather be a great one term president than an OK two term president.  He will more likely end up being neither.

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