Book Review: The New Road to Serfdom – Daniel Hannan

July 6, 2011

The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America by Daniel Hannan is a plea to those in America who have become blase about their transcendent political inheritance.  In The New Road to Serfdom, Hannan points out why America is a great nation and that those that are pushing for America to follow the European example are pushing American further from its founding ideals.

The first few chapters of The New Road to Serfdom lay out what makes America different from other countries and how successful the American democracy based on Jeffersonian principle has become.

The next few chapters compare the United States to the current situation in Britain and the European Union and then shifts into examples of America’s retreat from Federalism.

The New Road to Serfdom then wraps up with reasons why the United States should not copy the European example, specific examples of what not to emulate, and America’s standing in the world.

The book ends with a plea for Americans to:

  • Honor the genius of your founders
  • Respect the most sublime constitution devised by human intelligence
  • Keep faith with the design that has made you independent
  • Preserve the freedom of the nation to which, by good fortune and God’s grace, you are privileged to belong.

The book was an interesting read that is very effective at pointing out the reasons for America’s greatness and why following the European example would be a huge mistake. 

I believe the book would have been even more persuasive argument with more in-depth examples of why European political and social model are ineffective. 

Overall, I highly recommend  The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America by Daniel Hannan as a must read for those seeking to understand why America should avoid following the European examples of bigger government and less personal freedom.

You can read other reviews and purchase the book directly from Amazon by clicking here.

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