Obama Debt Ceiling Increase Flip Flop

July 30, 2011

The Obama debt ceiling increase flip flop is being highlighted in a new ad sponsored by Americans For Prosperity.  The 30 second ad outlines the Obama debt ceiling increase flip flop very effectively.

In the ad, Senator Obama is quoted as saying “… raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure” on the Senate floor while debating a debt ceiling increase in 2006.  The ad also highlights Obama’s desire to raise the debt ceiling high enough to avoid it coming up again until after the next election.  Apparently, President Obama does not want to add a debt ceiling increase to the discussion while making his plea to be re-elected in the midst of raising unemployment and a stalled economy.

HotAir points out that Obama is in good company when it comes to debt ceiling increase flip flops.  Both Senators Reid and Durbin voted against every debt ceiling increase were Republicans were in control of Congress and for debt ceiling increases when Democrats were in control.  American’s should remember that over the next few days as Senate Democrats bemoan Republican partisanship.

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