Herman Cain Suspends Campaign

December 3, 2011

All eyes were on Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain today as he was expected to announce if he would be ending his campaign or continuing his quest for the Republican nomination for president.  Today at a 1:30 announcement, Herman Cain declared that he would suspend his campaign but would not be silenced.

Cain said that we would be suspending his campaign due to the impact of false accusations on his family, his supporters, and his ability to continue to raise funds to continue on.

Cain announced his “Plan B” which would continue to be a voice for the people and continue to advocate for 999, energy independence, and foreign policy.  He also made several references to TheCainSolutions.com.  At this time, the site is only collecting email address and will announce when it goes live to supporters.

Cain also indicated that he would be making an endorsement in the near future.  It was reported that Cain had made phone calls to the other candidates in the last 24 hours.

Earlier today, Intrade was trending 95% for a Herman Cain to be the next candidate to drop out of the race.

Herman Cain has lost support in the polls largely due to allegations of sexual harassment and a 13 year affair.  Recently, Cain admitted to paying the bills over a several year period of the woman that is accusing him of a multi-year affair. 

Herman Cain has watched his poll numbers drop over the last few weeks resulting in a third place in national polls with 14% trailing Romney (20%) and Gingrich (26%).

The conventional wisdom is that Herman Cain dr0pping out of the race will benefit Newt Gingrich who has surged in the polls over the last several weeks.

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