The VP Pick Romney Should Avoid

January 20, 2012

Today, Gov. Mitt Romney picked up an endorsement from Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.  This endorsement should help Romney in a critical swing state both in the 2012 GOP primaries and the 2012 general election should he become the nominee.  However, this endorsement brings up the VP pick Romney should avoid.

This endorsement adds to the speculation that Romney could pick Bob McDonnell as a VP running mate.

McDonnell would be a good pick as a running mate as he is a southern swing state conservative governor that would help Romney in the general election.  McDonnell also enjoys strong support from conservatives in Virginia.

However, the lame stream media and the rest of the leftists would have a field day with a Romney McDonnell ticket.  The media ridicules conservatives and Republican candidates without fear or taste.  Just imagine all the posters of Mitt and Bob made up to look like Ronald McDonald and the SNL skits.  The Daily Show writers have probably already written 100 jokes just in case.

If Romney picks Bob McDonnell as his running mate, the Romney campaign should prepare itself for months of clown comparisons.

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