Obama Asks Corporations to Break the Law to Help Him Get Re-elected

October 2, 2012

Earlier this year, the Obama Administration’s Labor Department issued a memo to defense contractors and other corporations that may be impacted by forced budget cuts indicating that those companies should not send out mass layoff notices that are required by Federal law.  The Obama Administration went further last week informing  corporations that the Government would use tax payer money to cover the legal costs of corporations that are sued for breaking the law while complying with the President’s request to ignore the law.

The WARN act requires employers with more than 100 employees to give 60-day notice for foreseeable layoffs.  The problem for the Obama Administration is that billions of defense cuts are coming on January 1st of 2013, which will force defence contractors to layoff thousands of works.  In order comply with Federal law, employees would have to receive those notice just days before a close election.

It would appear that President Obama is willing to look the other way when Corporations break the law if it would hurt his chances of being re-elected.  The President is also willing to spend tax dollars to defend those companies that break the law at his request..

This President has shown again and again that he believes the Constitution and the laws of this country are enforceable at his discretion.  Now he has taken the next step of offering to bail out corporations that comply with his request to ignore Federal law at the expense of American taxpayers if he can not just eliminate the laws without the help of Congress.

The President is fond of reminding Americans that this election is about the choice of what kind of America do we want.  Hopefully, the American people will choose an America were the laws are enforceable regardless of who is in the White House.

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