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The Bush Tax Cuts Did Not Bankrupt The Country

August 6, 2011

President Obama, the Democrat party, and the Progressive Left are quick to blame the nation’s economic problems on the “Bush tax cuts for the wealthy”.  President Obama continues to claim that after 3 years in office, the economic failures of the Obama administration are due to the situation he inherited from President Bush.  However,...
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Is the US Broke?

April 3, 2011

The Progressive movement is embracing a new talking point that the United States is not broke, but that rich people and banks have taken all our money.  Progressives simply want to take “our” money back and presto, deficit and debt problems would be solved. According to CBO estimates, the government is on track to...
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Tax Cuts: How Much Money Will The Government Allow Us to Keep?

December 4, 2010

As Congress battles over extending the Bush tax cuts, Americans are reminded yet again that many of those in Congress do not look at tax cuts as letting Americans keep more of their hard earned money, but rather deciding how much money they will graciously “give” us. This weekend, the Congress  is battling over the...
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