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IPCC Chief Hid Himalayan Glacier Data Mistakes For Months

January 30, 2010

By now, most of you have heard about this global warming thing and how it is going to destroy the planet.  For over the last several years, it has begun to be clear that the data from models used to push this hysteria does not match what is actually happening. Recently, there were reports from...
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Cap and Trade Tax Nearing a Vote in the House

June 26, 2009

Update 6/26 evening: This bill narrowly passed the house 219 to 212 with several democrats voting with republicans.  Now it moves on to the senate where we have our best chance to stop it. Our government moved another step closer today to instituting a new major energy tax that will ultimately be paid for...
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Global Warming and Truth in Advertising

June 20, 2009

Congress continues to work on climate change legislation despite evidence contrary to the global warming hoax.  We are told that we need to act now before we have a disaster of global proportions.  Al Gore shows movies of the east and west costs completely underwater.  Yet, the data and observations are contrary to those...
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