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Obama Approval Rating Below 40%

November 23, 2010

A recent Zogby poll of 2,032 likely voters has the Obama approval rating below 40% for the first time of the Obama presidency.  This new low follows the defeat of the Democrats in the November mid-term elections where the republicans gained several seats in the Senate and gained control of the House with a...
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Obama Approval Polls Continue to Drop

November 24, 2009

Today, the  Rasmussen Obama approval polls show that the Obama presidential approval rating has dropped to its lowest level on record.  As the Obama administration and the Democrat leadership in congress continue to push increasingly unpopular programs, the Obama approval polls continue to decline. Today, the daily tracking poll shows the Obama presidential approval...
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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Polls

October 22, 2009

Poll watching is a great way to see which politicians are winning what races, what the country thinks of the President, and other various topics of interest. However, one is often left with several questions if you are looking at polling data on the same subject that are taken during the same time frames....
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